The Hotel Tango Experience

Tasting Room

The Hotel Tango Tasting Room is our flagship location in Indianapolis, found in the historic Fletcher Place neighborhood. Housed in a revitalized carriage house, we like to describe our Tasting Room as eclectic americana — from the cement and barrel stave bars, to our industrial commissary, to our stone fireplace built by Travis’ father Kim Barnes. Unlike other distilleries, we’ve opted to have a rotating cocktail menu, utilizing the talents of our bartenders and Flavor Innovation Team to create seasonal craft cocktails. Each cocktail includes simple syrups, bitters or tonics handmade by our team and might even have produce grown at Hotel Tango Farms incorporated — an effort to lead the charge in the no-waste bar movement. It’s a process all our own and represents who we are: FROM GRIT, TO GLASS.

The Foxhole

Part industrial warehouse, part rustic chic, The Foxhole is an intimate events space, conveniently located next door to the Hotel Tango Tasting Room in Indianapolis, IN. With an elaborate brick fireplace, built by Travis’ father Kim Barnes, The Foxhole can comfortably accommodate 80-110 guests. Visitors can enjoy Hotel Tango cocktails and local catering in this secluded space for corporate and/or social events.

Hotel Tango Farms

Hotel Tango Farms is the sustainability outgrowth of Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery. Our Flavor Innovation Team manages the property, where they grow produce used in the craft cocktails served in our Tasting Room. The farm property is also the location of the Hotel Tango Farmhouse Airbnb, an overnight stay experience. A secondary partner of Hotel Tango Farms is Indy Urban Acres, a project of the Indianapolis Parks Foundation. Indy Urban Acres grows flowers at the farm to sell at retail, in order to support its mission of empowering and educating people through access to free, locally-grown, high-quality products. The collaboration aligns with Hotel Tango’s commitment to community and creating artisan products FOR ALL. You may recognize Hotel Tango Farms by its green and white “HOTEL TANGO” barn, which is visible from I-65 Southbound, near the Rural Street exit in Indianapolis.


HT2 is a craft cocktail lounge, featuring Hotel Tango spirits, based in Fort Wayne, IN. Owned by Travis’ childhood friend and Hotel Tango VP of Sales Nick Ladig and his wife Jenn, HT2 also offers local staples and high-quality snacks.

Production Facility

Housed in the historic Tinker House building in Indianapolis, Hotel Tango’s second production facility is where its vast line-up of spirits are distilled, barreled, bottled and shipped to stores across the U.S. Although it’s not open to the public, we invite you to take a look at the inner workings of our Distillation Team through the windows of the building or through local coffee shop, Provider Coffee & Long Drinks.